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Why Fed Policy Mistakes Are Now Inevitable

As noted earlier on Monday evening, we’re seeing Catch-22s everywhere these days as central banks are constantly tripping over their own,
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2 comments on “Why Fed Policy Mistakes Are Now Inevitable

  1. Curt Tyner

    Trickle,trickle,trickle damned if you do screwed if you don’t. At first it doesn’t look to bad this debt thing. It is just a few points of our GDP, well a few more billions isn’t that much more we can handle it. Shit what’s another war or two, don’t worry about the dead and the cost of wounded by the way we don’t even have to put in the budget. Trickle….. “We need 600 billion by Monday or the world markets will implode”. Trickle… To be continued…..

  2. So it was all ‘Fed insanity’ which is now leading to massive risk created by the Fed? The alternative was bloodletting and upheaval, certainly profitable for some, as will be any risk ‘created’ by the Fed or other tightening central banks. However, it should have been obvious that those balance sheets would have to shrink.

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