CNN Publishes Trump Book With Title Trump Can’t Spell


A few weeks ago, after China kidnapped a US Navy drone, Donald Trump (America’s new Supreme Leader) tweeted the following:


Ok, so the President-elect doesn’t know how to spell “unprecedented.” Or maybe he was just combining “unprecedented” with “president” to make a new Trumpism. We’ll never know.

Now, in what I sincerely hope was an intentional attempt at humor, CNN has published a book about Trump’s triumph called “Unprecedented” (spelled correctly):


Of course the irony seems lost on Trump whose only concern about the new book is that CNN didn’t use a more flattering picture. At least he spelled the title correctly…

There are no words.

2 comments on “CNN Publishes Trump Book With Title Trump Can’t Spell

  1. Curt Tyner says:

    Unbelievable, unable, undefinable,unthinkable,uncrapable, oops uncapable, oops incapable. Thanks Donald.

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