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A Look Back At The Day That Was

For those who might have missed any of Thursday's action or for anyone who just wants a convenient refresher, here's a look back at the day that was courtesy of Deutsche Bank: Markets: Equity markets rebound in US/Europe, European bond weaker, US dollar rally continues, little change in credit markets. USA: CPI up 0.2%mom/1.7%yoy in November, at mkt. Core up 0.2% mom/2.1% yoy. USA: Phil Fed manufacturing index up 13.9pts to 21.5 in December, above mkt. USA: NY Fed manufacturing index up 7.5pts to 9 in December, above mkt. USA: Markit manufacturing PMI up 0.1pts to 54.2 in December, below mkt. USA: NAHB housing market index up 7pts to 70 in December, above mkt. USA: Initial jobless claims down 4k to 254k, below mkt. USA: Bloomberg consumer comfort up 0.4pts to 45.5 last week. CAN: Manufacturing sales down 0.8%mom in October, below mkt. CAN: Existing home sales down 5.3%mom in November. EMU: Manufacturing PMI up 1.2pts to 54.9 in December, above mkt. EMU: Services PMI down 0.7pts to 53.1 in December, below mkt. DEU: Manufacturing PMI up 1.2pts to 55.5 in December, above mkt. DEU: Services PMI down 1.3pts to 53.8 in December, below mkt. FRA: Manufacturing PMI up 1.8pts to 53.5 in Dec
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Huh. Deutsche Bank cares neither about paragraphs nor copyright.

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