Another Nail In The Coffin: Trump Jr.’s Secret WikiLeaks Chat Throws Gas On Raging Russia Fire

And it just gets worse, and worse and…


It Just Got Worse For Sessions: Carter Page Testifies That He Informed Sessions Of Moscow Trip

“…my passing comment’s complete lack of relevance should go without saying.”

Jeff Sessions In More Hot Water After Suddenly ‘Remembering’ Key Details About Papadopolous

Oops. Go figure right? It seems like Jeff Sessions seems to “remember” things only when he gets caught in a lie.

Jeff Sessions Is Making Transgender Discrimination Great Again!

“Per se.”

WSJ Thinks Maybe It’s Bad Idea For Jeff Sessions To Seize Your House

“In practice, it means property can be taken from people without due process or criminal culpability.”

Sessions Shouldn’t Change Rules On Leakers Say People Who Wrote Rules On Leakers

“Such a move is unnecessary for successful prosecutions, and it could have long-term negative consequences on the free press.”

Janet Napolitano: Here’s Why I’m Suing The Trump Administration

“I recognize that it is unusual for a former Cabinet official to sue the agency she once led. It may be even more unusual to challenge as unconstitutional, unjust and unlawful the elimination of a program originally established by the plaintiff — me — in this litigation.”

Krugman: How Destroying DACA Puts The U.S. Economy On The Japan Track

“The truth is that letting the Dreamers work legally helps the U.S. economy; pushing them out or into the shadows is bad for everyone except racists. To understand why, you need to realize that America, like other advanced economies, is facing a double-barreled demographic challenge thanks to declining fertility.”

For Once In His Life, Jeff Sessions Was Right…

“…in what will probably go down as the single most important decision of his professional life, he made the right call.”

Is Trump ‘Leaking’ To WaPo About ‘Beleaguered’ Jeff Sessions?

“It is not out of the question that these leaks originated out of the White House.”

Wall Street Journal Blasts Jeff Sessions: ‘He’s Giving Law Enforcement A License To Steal’

“Taking property from citizens who have been convicted of no crime is constitutionally dubious.”

Jeff Sessions Should Go To Jail

“But not for the reasons you think”…

Sally Yates: Hey Jeff Sessions, “There’s A Difference Between A Cartel Boss And A Street Dealer”

“First, it’s fiscally irresponsible and undermines public safety. Since 1980, the U.S. prison population has exploded from 500,000 to more than 2.2 million, resulting in the highest incarceration rate in the world and costing more than $80 billion a year”…

Sessions Satire: Neurologists Baffled By AG With Alzheimer’s

““In all the medical literature, we have never seen an example of someone capable of holding down such a high-powered job while having no memory whatsoever of people he met, things he said, places he has been, or thoughts he has had.”

In Jeff Sessions’ Office, “A Black” Is Never, Ever Called “Boy”

“‘Boy’ is a reprehensible term to use to describe a black man in the South. Because of the history of that term, I have never used the word ‘boy’ to describe a black, nor would I tolerate it in my office.”