Jeff Sessions Thinks “Nobody Has A Sense Of Humor Anymore” When It Comes To What’s A State

"Why not just call it the state of Hawaii?"

Last week, Attorney General – and aging, racist Hobbit – Jeff Sessions learned something about America.

Namely, Sessions learned that Hawaii is in fact a state.

See Sessions is just as incredulous as Donald Trump when it comes to the idea that a judge in Hawaii can block the President’s executive order halting immigration from multiple majority Muslim countries.

Like Trump, something about the whole “checks and balances” thing just rubs Sessions the wrong way which is weird because you know, he’s the Attorney General.

But as it turns out, the judiciary isn’t subject to decree-by-tweet. Neither is the free press. Which means that if you’re President, you can’t simply pound the courts into submission with a series of 140-character, exclamation-point-laden, social media rants.

Now, who knows whether Sessions actually knew Hawaii was a state before last week. All we know is that, in scathing remarks made to radio host Mark Levin (that would be the same Mark Levin who was the source of Trump’s infamous phone tap tweet), Sessions said this:

I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power.

Yes, Sessions is “amazed.”

Well fast forward to Monday and Sessions is still amazed. Only this time it’s with the people of Hawaii, who Jeff thinks really need to lighten the fuck up. Here’s WaPo:

On social media, users criticized Sessions for seeming to belittle Hawaii by tweeting facts about the state using the hashtag #IslandinthePacific. In a column, The Washington Post’s Gene Park blasted Sessions’s comments as “peak colonialism.” The New York Times published a primer: “What Is Hawaii?

“You may have questions about Hawaii,” the Times piece stated. “Many Americans do.”

Less than a week later, Sessions doesn’t seem fazed by the uproar over his remarks.

The attorney general appeared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” where host George Stephanopoulos asked him to respond to the controversy over the remarks. At first, Sessions did not answer directly, instead he started to talk about the lawsuit that had been filed against the executive order.

“Why not just call it the state of Hawaii?” Stephanopoulos pressed.

Sessions chuckled.

“Nobody has a sense of humor anymore,” Sessions said, smiling.

No further comment.


4 comments on “Jeff Sessions Thinks “Nobody Has A Sense Of Humor Anymore” When It Comes To What’s A State

  1. James Shelhorse

    Hawaii is a very small an isolated state after all

  2. Anonymous

    I think I read that one of his grandchildren was born there. Doofus. Attorney General……hahahahaha!!! Now, there’s the real joke!

  3. Curt A Tyner

    When you are a racist and good ole Mitch gave you cover in your confirmation hearings and incompetent to boot well you pretty much deserve all the sh*t you are getting for acting like an assh*le racist.

  4. shadonoz

    Cue the Bezos video…

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