Things Jeff Sessions Learned This Week: Hawaii Is A State

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has, like many people associated with Donald Trump, had a rough go of it this year.

There were already very real questions about whether it was appropriate to elevate a known racist to Attorney General and those debates hit peak absurdity when Elizabeth Warren was basically told to “shut the f*ck up” when she tried to read a letter penned by Coretta Scott King (who in 1986 accused Sessions of “using the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters”) on the Senate floor.

Nevertheless, this guy…


… was confirmed anyway and it turned out that old Jefferson Beauregard (and yes, that’s his real f*cking name) had a nice little chat in his office last September with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

As The Washington Post noted last month, “that took place at the height of what U.S. intelligence officials say was a Russian cyber campaign to upend the U.S. presidential race.”

Imagine that.

Well anyway, fast forward to this week and Sessions is incredulous. And he’s incredulous about the same thing that Donald Trump is incredulous about. Namely that a judge in Hawaii can block the President’s executive order halting immigration from multiple majority Muslim countries.

Now it’s one thing for Trump to be surprised by this. After all, we’re talking about a guy who thought he could effectively bully the judiciary into submission using Twitter.

But it’s entirely another for the Attorney General to say this:


Well as it turns out, Hawaii is a state. Which, judging from that soundbite, was news to Sessions….

And if you needed evidence to support the contention that maybe Jeff didn’t fully understand what Senator Hirono later explained in the tweet shown above, look no further than a statement issued by the Justice Department itself, which hilariously felt the need to confirm that Sessions was aware of Hawaii’s “new” status as part of the union…

Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific — a beautiful one where the Attorney General’s granddaughter was born. The point, however, is that there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the President’s lawful exercise of authority to keep the entire country safe.


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4 thoughts on “Things Jeff Sessions Learned This Week: Hawaii Is A State

  1. some of them are just too old and stupid to still be making decisions or representing our country….and we all have old people in our families – those are the ones who are still in awe or disbelief of many modern conveniences such as tiny cellular phones, satellite tv with 100 channels, computers ……..wait a minute, our president does not know how to use a computer, addicted to his tv and is obviously mesmerized by his cell phone…..

  2. Well ole Jeffery Beauregard, “(Snarky southern accent)I’ll tell you what”, you are so transparent , you give bigotry a bad name.

  3. “Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific”
    Hawaii the state is composed of eight (8) islands and while it is true that one of the islands is named Hawaii, even the justice department doesn’t appear to know that the federal courts are not located on the island of Hawaii but, on the island of Oahu.

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