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Jeff Sessions To Fire Andrew McCabe, Strip Him Of Pension Days Before Retirement

Just another day in paradise.

Just another day in paradise.
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4 comments on “Jeff Sessions To Fire Andrew McCabe, Strip Him Of Pension Days Before Retirement


    Trump’s got the red ass about the election result in Pennsylvania and woke up grumpy this morning.

  2. Mr. Magoo (racist a-hole ) is trying to return to the good graces of the most vile human on our planet.

  3. It’s hard to discern whether this is a case of “a pox on both their houses.” If McCabe, in fact, sought to tube Clinton’s run for president at a time when McCabe believed Trump was a better option, only to later realize he screwed the pooch big time on that score, and then turn his sights on Trump a bit too late.

    If so, perhaps McCabe deserves to be fired, even if Destrcuto is the moving force, along the lines of Buddhist karma, where McCabe’s present is shaped by prior and present action, and present actions shape not only the future but also the present. So, if he’s responsible, he should come clean as to whatever he did in relation to Clinton, so he can have a better future. Well, that’s my advice. Let him come clean. He’ll feel better.

  4. The only thing I am NOT in favor of is making a move to purposefully destroy his retirement package. Being fired or removed from position is one thing – to do that with the goal being to destroy his retirement is beyond what’s acceptable — a case of over-kill, the punishment exceeds the crime — which of course is exactly how trump likes to “get even” and even brags about it.

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