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Jeff Sessions Is Making Transgender Discrimination Great Again!

"Per se."

"Per se."
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5 comments on “Jeff Sessions Is Making Transgender Discrimination Great Again!

  1. Marty says:

    The they go again!!
    The Basket of Deplorables Making America Great Again . . .,
    For Whom?

    Please fill in the blank: _________________________________

  2. Murphy says:

    Will someone please explain to the actual sane people exactly what is Sessions and his bigoted brothers afraid of? Does this racist pig think that if a transgender person walks past him that he would suddenly have a deep seated desire to change to a female? Or is he afraid that a former female, now male, would stand at the wall of urinals when he is also there? How is a transgender person being accepted in society going to effect his life?

    And I don’t wanna hear all the bullshit excuses about “some kid in gym class or school bathroom” because the youth of America have a much better grip on reality than he does! And I don’t wanna hear that some cross-dresser pretends to be transgender so he can gain access to a women’s restroom and attack her! You simply cannot deny thousands of people the right to follow their gender identity because “someone” “someday” “might” commit a crime.

    And his ex-buddy trump cannot change his mind. We already have his opinion in print. However, he is such a moron he may not even know what the letters LGBT mean.

  3. Marty says:

    Murphy, The Managing Deplorables in charge of Making America Great Again have an agenda. The agenda consists of parsing through two folders. Their own personal folders. The collective personal folders of their targeted constituency. Please don’t be shocked to find that there is overlap between the two folders. In these folders one can find many social issues, political issues, cultural issues, hot-button emotional issues that touch upon highly evocative fears, prejudices or biases to include race, ancestry, national origin, gender, home grown beliefs, religion, conspiracy beliefs, cults and the like. It doesn’t matter if these matters of heart and mind are based on truth, as long as they ultimately command allegiance, loyalty, support and votes from the targeted constituency.

    It’s the job of the The Managing Deplorables in charge of Making America Great Again, to constantly to go through and add to material to the folders as well make hay on what’s in the folders.

    So, when Trump attacks Transgenders in the military he’s doing the Manager’s work. When sessions is Making Transgender Discrimination Great Again, he’s doing the the Manager’s work. When Trump and Stephen Miller attack immigrants and erect a Muslim ban, they are doing the Managers’ work. When Trump intentionally fails to come to the aid of Puerto Ricans, who look and sound to him like Mexicans, he’s doing the Manager’s work. It’s their go to play-by-play book.

    There you have it. When the polls look grim or when news is about to come out that Ivanka and Kushner are using private email to conduct WH business or that Mueller requested the exact documents that cause Trump’s GERD to degrade his esophagus, those folders one up and The Managing Deplorables in charge of Making America Great Again go merrily to work on destroying the lives of thousands of Americans.

  4. Curt A Tyner says:

    What is Jeff hiding in his own closet(s) because he is complaining way tooo much? Just a thought……..

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