Compare & Contrast Or, “I Wish I Was Still The White House Easter Bunny”

Compare & Contrast Or, “I Wish I Was Still The White House Easter Bunny”

I hope you feel sorry for Sean Spicer.

I know I sure as hell do.

As I’ve said before, this is a guy whose job it is to go out every day and defend senseless bullsh*t to a press corps that, thanks to that very same senseless bullsh*t, is out to crucify him.

It would be a Herculean task for even the deftest and most articulate of orators, and I’m pretty sure that no one has ever accused Spicer of being deft or articulate.

Well on Thursday, Spicer found himself at the center of the debate over brand new Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ alleged inappropriate contact with Russian officials and poor Sean, he wound up looking f*cking stupid – as usual.

Here’s the juxtaposition:

Despite Sessions’ decision to recuse himself, you can rest assured that nothing out of the ordinary went on regarding Russia. Or, as Spicer so eloquently put it on Thursday afternoon…


One has to think that at this point, Spicer is feeling nostalgic for his glory days as the White House Easter Bunny – although even that job has its perils.

“The limited vision can even be dangerous, not so much for the bunny as for the little kids running underfoot,” Spicer once said of the holiday hare gig, adding that “that’s why the bunnies have a handler to guide them as they wander about.”

Turns out Spicer’s current “handler” is pretty sh*tty in that regard.




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