Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.


‘Do Something!’

And that, folks, is the week.

UK Stocks Eye Record Close As Slumping Pound Boosts Equity Bets

Remember, three-quarters of the sales of FTSE 100 constituents come from abroad and on Thursday, the 40-day correlation between the FTSE and the pound turned the most negative ever.

Much Ado About Nothing.

Not sure where the fireworks were but maybe you can point me to them.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Full Week Ahead Preview

Well, there’s not a lot going on in the week ahead and by that I mean there’s so much going on that you couldn’t plan for it even if you wanted to.


“…or what counts as ‘fireworks.'”

Risks Aplenty.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Nothin’ But A Dumb Bear.

“Smack! Smack!”

Trader: A Part Of Me Wants To ‘Sell Everything’

“On a purely emotional basis, I was torn between sell everything — hard to do in foreign exchange — and wondering anew whether news itself no longer has any meaning for investors.”

Pound Flash Crashes On Moody’s Cut

UK Cut to Aa2 From Aa1 by Moody’s.

Watching Paint Dry. Illogically.

As one reader put it earlier today, “is just being open for trading” a good enough reason for stocks to rally? 


This time last week, everyone thought we’d all seen our last Friday.

Them’s Fightin’ Words.

There’s tension in the air.

Pound Jumps, FTSE Falls As BoE Sees Scope To Reduce Stimulus After 7-2 Vote


You Should Have Just Gone To The Bar.

Generally speaking, this week’s theme (reflation back on in the U.S. as stocks, the dollar, and yields all rise in tandem) held, as there was no news “bigly” enough to change the narrative.