Marko Kolanovic On BTFD, Trade Wars, ‘Clickbait’ And Trump Impeachment

Marko Kolanovic – a.k.a. “Gandalf”, a.k.a. the “half-man, half-God” – has a new note out and it’s great.


Marko Kolanovic: ‘Imminent Concerns Are Overblown’, Stay Overweight Stocks

“Narrative of recent selloff: imminent concerns about inflation, rates, trade wars, and a growth downshift are overblown, in our view.”

Good News: Marko Kolanovic Still Sounds Pretty Bullish

Gandalf. Need more Gandalf.

Gandalf Sighting! Kolanovic Calls For ‘Year-End Rally’

The thing about wizards is they are “never late, nor are they early.” Rather, “they arrive precisely when they mean to.”

Gandalf Sighting! Kolanovic Describes The Next Crisis, Warns Of ‘Backlash Against Central Banks’

And what does Kolanovic think the next crisis will look like? Well, “the next crisis’s main feature will be severe liquidity disruptions resulting from market developments since the last crisis,” he says.

Presenting: A Crazy Week In Charts

Ok, well this was an interesting week…

Searching For Gandalf: Traders Weigh In On Thursday’s ‘Kolanovic Moment’

“Is this really sensible?!”…

‘I Come Back To You Now’: Kolanovic Returns, Everyone Panics

“…at the turn of the tide.”

Kolanovic Warns Of “Market Turmoil,” “Tail Risks” As Gandalf Ruins Your Friday

“Medium term, this is likely to lead to market turmoil, and a rise in volatility and tail risks.”

Investigating The Market’s “Nightmare Scenario”

Right, so one thing people are becoming increasingly concerned about is the extent to which modern market “innovations” could end up backfiring in spectacular fashion in the event the current low vol, BTFD regime were to suddenly slam into reverse. I wrote about this a couple of days ago and this is probably a hyperbolic,…

Kolanovic: Here’s What Could Make “Volatility Explode”

Gandalf is back. A couple of weeks after retracting (at least partially) his “buy every dip” reco, JPMorgan’s quant “wizard” (who, you’re reminded, rose to fame after blaming systematic strats for the meltdown that occurred on the morning of August 24, 2015), is back outlining “what might make volatility explode.” You’ll recall that you don’t…

Kolanovic: Tuesday Was “No Surprise,” Should “Not Be Fitted To Political Narrative”

“While we don’t want to minimize the impact of political developments, today’s move was primarily technical and should not be fitted into a political narrative (which in fact was neutral between developments in France and US).”

“This Is No Different” From 1987: Is Marko Kolanovic Right?

“When an institution allocates to a momentum strategy in the hope of cushioning itself from stock market downdraughts it is really commissioning someone to sell stocks on its behalf into a falling market.”

JP Merlin Returns: Kolanovic Says Buy The Dip

Remember back on Tuesday night when Goldman decided 19 hours before the Fed hike was as good a time as any to downgrade US equities?… Yeah, well while everyone else was focused on the headline (“big trees fall hard“, “downgrade equities to neutral,” etc. etc.) we skipped straight to what we thought was actually interesting in…

“JP Merlin” Returns: Quant Wizard Kolanovic Weighs In On Volatility, Geopolitics, And The Fed

He doesn’t have a long, white beard. He doesn’t wear a robe or a pointy hat. And he doesn’t walk with a gnarled, magic staff. But that doesn’t stop us from characterizing JPMorgan’s resident quant wizard Marko Kolanovic as a kind of Gandalf figure. Regular readers know Kolanovic. His star has risen over the past couple…