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Marko Kolanovic Says S&P Will Be Back To Record Highs By Early Next Year. Here’s Why…

"What is the right multiple given the unprecedented earnings hit, but also unprecedented monetary measures?

Over the past month, JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic penned nearly a half-dozen notes on COVID-19. In those notes, Kolanovic modeled a variety of things, including, but by no means limited to, hospitalization rates, herd immunity and mortality rates. He also sketched out the broad contours of a national plan for pandemics, which would entail harnessing big data and machine learning in order to help humanity stay ahead of an outbreak. I feel like I should remind readers - because sometimes this gets lost amid the media's obsession with his calls on equities - Kolanovic isn't just "the man who moves markets", as CNBC famously dubbed him. He's also a PhD in theoretical high-energy physics, and boasts top-cited research papers in quantum gravity (you can look those up on Google Scholar, if you're so inclined). The point is, this is an accomplished individual, who, one certainly imagines, takes his recent work on COVID-19 pretty seriously. In fact, I'd wager Kolanovic considers the notes excerpted in the linked posts above to be very important and worth the public's attention. Regular readers will note that Marko's projections for the day of the New York coronavirus apex and the number o
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