Here’s The Important Subtext Of Marko Kolanovic’s Latest Market Outlook

JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic maintained a generally upbeat assessment on the US economy and the outlook for domestic equities from late last year through the second quarter of 2019. Indeed, Kolanovic was adamant in January that stocks would recover quickly from December's rather harrowing swoon on the way to new highs. He was proven correct - and in relatively short order. Through it all, though, Marko has consistently warned that modern market structure poses risks under certain conditions, and
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5 thoughts on “Here’s The Important Subtext Of Marko Kolanovic’s Latest Market Outlook

  1. that last chart is a doozy… says the last 5+ years have been a house of cards that will collapse whenever buyback mania ends for any reason. Reducing share count to reward your investors is one thing. But trashing your balance sheet year after year by persistently top-ticking the market for your stock while everyone else is quietly bailing… gosh, is there anything in corporate governance standards about “gross stupidity”?

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