August payrolls, due Friday, could mark the last of the "easy" jobs reports, and thereby the last chance for The White House to claim the recovery is continuing apace. Consensus is expecting another big gain. The market will be looking for 1.4 million on the headline, and a sub-10% print on the unemployment rate. It would mark the first time the jobless rate has fallen below 10% since the onset of the pandemic. For context, the US labor market would still be less than halfway to pre-pandemic

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2 thoughts on “Equations

  1. Simple Simon says low rates forever, AIT (unspecified) lower real yields, surging breaks, lots of cash in money markets, allocations out of bonds into either cash or stocks or gold just is the only fundamental that anyone needs to look out. Oh, by the way, apparently the fiscal policy addition is not important cause it gets dealt with at CRM as Pelosi outmaneuvers the GOP. Did I miss anything?

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