Trump To Drop Hammer On TikTok As Microsoft Said To Show Interest

Trump To Drop Hammer On TikTok As Microsoft Said To Show Interest

After months of speculation, Donald Trump will move to force TikTok parent ByteDance to sell the popular video app, marking the latest escalation in the multi-faceted feud between the world's two superpowers. TikTok is a source of considerable consternation for administration officials, who have spent the last several weeks dropping hints about a possible US ban, predicated on national security concerns. Some US companies have expressed reservations about employees downloading the app, and the
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6 thoughts on “Trump To Drop Hammer On TikTok As Microsoft Said To Show Interest

  1. I doubt that’s legal (does that mean anything in this context anymore?) but he can make their life miserable by tying up their domestic bank accounts and other assets, intimidating anyone who does business with them, smearing their reputations, etc. None of which may be legal or acceptable, but he has proven he is almost beyond impeachability.

  2. Trump’s rally in Tulsa last month was largely spoiled by TikTok users. There were multiple internal sources that described how upset and embarrassed Trump felt after finding out that the 1 million+ requested tickets turned out to be fake submissions organized by teenagers and Kpop fans on the app.

    I find it interesting and troubling that in the weeks since the rally, Trump has singled out TikTok even though there is no evidence for his claims that the app is Chinese spyware.

  3. Actually there is plenty of well-documented evidence of the malicious nature of the tiktok application, which seems to have been deliberately written to obscure (disguise) its full range of activity and function. That must have taken some resource to achieve and should be a cause for concern with anyone. A direct link from the vendor back to CCP has not been defined so far but is easy to imagine. Given its widespread use, shady nature and the tense political context, right now I see tiktok as a real and present risk to information security and user privacy, offering zero benefit with significant potential downside for Americans, and any users in other aligned nations too. Who would buy into that? Im watching to see who comes out in support of the app…

    1. Care to point to any of the “well-documented” evidence?

      Complaining about Sarah Cooper (a popular Internet personality/comedian) who makes fun of Trump using TikTok followed up by unproven allegations regarding that app makes it appear like you have an agenda.

      As a footnote, I suspect that Heisenberg Report is likely the wrong platform to spread conspiracy theories.

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