Mike Pompeo: Xi Jinping Is A Tyrant Who Will Subjugate Our Grandchildren

"President Nixon once said he feared he had created a 'Frankenstein' by opening the world to the CCP", Mike Pompeo said Thursday, in a wildly aggressive foreign policy speech delivered at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. "And here we are". Pompeo's remarks came just a day after the US evicted the Chinese from a consulate in Houston, a move expected to trigger an in-kind response from Beijing before the weekend. The Justice department on Thursday announced charges against four indi

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8 thoughts on “Mike Pompeo: Xi Jinping Is A Tyrant Who Will Subjugate Our Grandchildren

  1. This Administration showed up with checkers for a chess game with China. Now they realize that China is that hard to beat and want everybody to show up with artillery pieces. Now we have allies. This Administration wants to have a free world again. That is a breath of air,but I do not hear a unified voice. The kind of unified voice that could have forced China on intellectual property&such. Divide and conquer, they look it up in Wikipedia finally and go Whoops.

  2. The Russian assets in the administration are pushing very hard to get their hate cult to focus on the wrong threat. Putin is playing Strato and everyone else is playing connect 4 with a six piece set.

    If we don’t start to take the real threat seriously, the 21st century will be the century of right wing authoritarianism and liberal democracy will be dead.

  3. There is little doubt that China would be happy with a second Trump term.

    By now, Pompeo has repeatedly exposed himself as someone not to be taken seriously. I don’t know what opinions are regarding that in the White House. Suffice to say, the emergence of such an impression regarding the top diplomat of the United States is not to the country’s benefit.

    1. My cynical guess is that China realized it’s cheaper to pay Trump directly than in official/diplomatic circles. And the cover for that is Trump saying whatever nonsense he wants about China. They tolerate it because it’s cheaper and easier in the end. In their longer-term minds, they realize just about everything Trump has said or done will go down in history in red on the ledger.

      See also: “No one has been tougher on Russia, than me.”

  4. Someone choose to act and you cannot do it just because you don’t like it, then, you suffer from doing nothing, then you blame someone for not telling you to. That is sick, taking pills.

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