‘I Would Print Trump’s Exact Words But…’ Trump Asked Xi For Help In Election, Bolton Says

Who remembers the June 2019 G-20 meeting? At the time, tensions between the world's two largest economies were running high. In May of last year, Donald Trump decided to break a trade truce struck with his Chinese counterpart the previous December in Buenos Aires. The Trump administration had also just moved to blacklist Huawei, China's corporate crown jewel. Equity markets recoiled at the escalating tiff, and Trump added insult to injury for investors when the White House threatened to impose
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8 thoughts on “‘I Would Print Trump’s Exact Words But…’ Trump Asked Xi For Help In Election, Bolton Says

  1. I loved this line “…financial sanctions … on Chinese officials who probably weren’t dumb enough to keep funds in the US.”

    Meanwhile, the shenanigans were tolerated. Shame is a kind word to cast on those who could have acted but did not.

    I don’t see how any of this ends well. Oh, wait, I know how after all! Deficits will start mattering again when republicans hold the Senate and a democrat is in the White House. We will entire a period of austerity, all necessary, of course, according to the McConnell interviews to be aired on Face the Nation, to ensure the strength of the USD. Tighten our belts, pay off our bills, and by 2065, we’re back to a sustainable 80% debt-to-GDP ratio.

    1. There is a climate of fear, intimidation and self dealing in the White House. You know if Orange goes rogue that Salad Man (kushner) is ramping up his real estate and Charitable Trust donation efforts.

    2. when Republicans hold the Senate

      There is a good chance they won’t. I don’t know how closely you’ve been following the Senate races, but it’s not looking great for the GOP. Doug Jones will lose Alabama for sure. Given that: if Biden wins, Dems need four pickups; if Biden loses, Dems need five pickups. Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Montana are all looking pretty blue right now, not just in polling but in fund raising. Iowa and Georgia are looking mildly blue, and North Carolina is tied. And unbelievably, Amy McGrath is out polling Mitch McConnell (and out raising him) in Kentucky. If Kris Koback wins the GOP primary in Kansas, Republican-turned-Democrat Barbara Bollier will stand a real chance. And just for grins, in the last South Carolina poll, Democrat Jaime Harrison tied with Lindsey Graham.

      You can argue, say, that Montana is red and supports Donald Trump overwhelmingly. And that’s true. But in 21 out of 24 elections since WWII, they voted for Democratic Senators. The current Democratic candidate is current (very popular) governor Steve Bullock. And there are little quirks like that scattered throughout the Senate races in general.

      Nope. not looking great for the GOP.

  2. Defeating Trump is only half the problem. The Democrats must also retake the Senate. Otherwise we’re right back in the same mess Obama faced.

    1. Defeating Trump is only half the problem. The Democrats must also retake the Senate.

      See my response to runamok. And I would add this…

      It may seem like a long shot that Amy McGrath beats Mitch McConnell, or Jaime Harrison beats Lindsey Graham, and it probably is. But it will be a cold day in hell before the GOP lets those two get defeated. Given the current state of polls and funding in those two races, the GOP will spend every last dollar of PAC money to help them. And every dollar that goes into the Kentucky and South Carolina races is a dollar that can’t help Joni Ernst in Iowa or Thom Tillis in North Carolina.

      Again, not looking great for the GOP regarding the Senate.

  3. Does anyone really find any of these “revelations” surprising? Trump has been telegraphing his authoritarian desires since before he was even elected. He’s been deferential to authoritarian leaders across the world during his entire presidency. And he’s tried to leverage every foreign encounter to bolster his election chances, and was even impeached for it.

    That being said, the GOP establishment who has supported and backed this president at every turn needs to be held accountable. They are all more akin authoritarian apostates than they are “conservatives”. The 7 Trillion (and counting) in government spending this year is all the proof anyone needs for this.

    The economic fallout from the 4 years of tax cuts and government spending like there is no tomorrow in the midst of a bull market will take decades to repair. The willful ignorance of Covid-19 and failure to respond appropriately should matter considering the hundreds of thousands of Americans that will surely die from such inadequate leadership.

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