A Brazen Trump Appears To Threaten Xi Jinping, Says China Should Investigate Joe And Hunter Biden

As you "may" have heard, Donald Trump is facing impeachment for pressuring a foreign government to investigate a political rival in the service of bolstering his 2020 reelection bid. It's not the first time Trump is suspected of soliciting foreign interference in a US presidential election, but what makes this time different is that instead of forcing a team of prosecutors to spend two years investigating the situation, Trump just went ahead and released the evidence to the public in the form o

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5 thoughts on “A Brazen Trump Appears To Threaten Xi Jinping, Says China Should Investigate Joe And Hunter Biden

  1. I feel just awful for The First (Fake Super Model) and First Crime Family! Even though they all sold their souls to the devil, they’re now saddled with a failed ancient 75 year old dementia partner who allows the world to watch as he destroys their lives — on an hourly basis…. bawhahahaha LMAO

  2. Trump’s strategy, intentionally or unintentionally, has been to overwhelm us with the shit he flings. He is flinging it faster that we ever imagined possible. We are limited to dealing with it through legal means and that bogs us down. This shit storm is now a category 5 hurricane. We need some non-traditional means of dealing with this. We need and anti-Trump to rise up. Is there anyone out there to take him on in a way that hits his base into waking up? Need our own crazy nutcase to fight Trump.

    I think Biden is done for. Damaged goods on multiple levels and a core weakness where his family is concerned. Bernie is a tiger whose poor heart is failing. He is also out. Wonder who will get their supporters?

    1. Warren was pulling close to Biden and leaving Bernie behind, even before the whistleblower. Their supporters may not initially go to Warren, but Biden’s supporters will probably eventually find their way to her: they tend to be pragmatic and will support someone they see as a likely winner, and her poll numbers in the early primary states suggest she’ll come out of those looking like a plausible winner. Bernie’s supporters should eventually find their way to Warren: their positions are similar and their relationship is good enough that Bernie will likely stump for Warren.

  3. I feel like we all need a reminder that in his presidential rallies prior to the election he mentioned “second amendment people” needing to do something is Hillary won. This thing started with him asking people to maybe, you know, if you feel like it… KILL anyone who opposes me. I will not be shocked when he publicly asks Putin or Xi or Kim to assassinate whoever the Democratic candidate is.

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