‘There’s A Lot Of Talk About Biden’s Son’: Read The Ukraine Call Transcript

‘There’s A Lot Of Talk About Biden’s Son’: Read The Ukraine Call Transcript

  MEMORANDUM OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATION SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine PARTICIPANTS: President Zelenskyy Notetakers: The White House Situation Room DATE, TIME AND PLACE: July 25, 2019, 9:03 - 9:33 a.m. EDT Residence The President: Congratulations on a great victory. We all watched from the United States and you did a terrific job. The way you came from behind - somebody who wasn't given much of a chance, and you ended up winning easily. It's a fanta
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6 thoughts on “‘There’s A Lot Of Talk About Biden’s Son’: Read The Ukraine Call Transcript

  1. Definitely a bunch of jibber jabber. Hard to follow his very large brain/thoughts on the phone just as it is in person. After I fed this information into my Trumpslater to decipher the real meaning, I have come to the conclusion the dimocrats may have over played their hand.

  2. First, how can we be sure this is entire transcript of this phone call and not an edited version. Secondly, we still need to here from the whistleblower. Whatever “eight times” may mean, it does not seem to apply to this transcript.

    1. You’re right, we still don’t know what the whistleblower reported, other than the whistleblower had not heard the phone call. I noticed that Trump mentioned 5 times that the Attorney General would be calling the President of Ukraine. Funny/sad how Barr is now saying that Trump never mentioned it to him.

  3. There is more going on here than the transcript. If this was so innocuous why the pushback on releasing a transcript and having the whistleblowers complaint get to Congress? I do not want to be paranoid about Trump, but there are clear indications on the record that we know that this is much more serious and systemic than just the phone call. Mosaic theory suggests there is way more to find out before we make any final judgements.

    1. It’s about the $400 million in aid that Congress had approved and Trump personally told Mulvaney to put on hold, without informing Congress of why. The aid was kept on hold until the whistleblower filed the complaint. It’s an implicit quid pro quo, same as Zelensky was clear to point out that he stays at Trump Tower when in NY.

  4. This is not a transcript it is a accumulation of notes taken by the government. It has also been put through and edited by people to try to negate any effect on the presidency. If this is they best they have, good luck

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