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Mike Pence To Deliver Long-Threatened China Speech Next Week. That’s Bad News

Here comes the “Pence doctrine”.

Here comes the “Pence doctrine”.
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2 comments on “Mike Pence To Deliver Long-Threatened China Speech Next Week. That’s Bad News

  1. One can only hope,

  2. vicissitude

    Pence is in a unique position, to theoretically be indicted for obstruction of justice, this serving as a symbolic domino, in chain of events down the road. It is possible that the impeachment inquiry will extend beyond next years election, an election that most likely will be won by the thinnest of razor margins by trump and apparently pence. However, as the impeachment clock ticks forward for the next year, and as more evidence is gathered in a long-lasting process, the GOP will more than likely be held accountable for most of their sins in a post-election impeachment period. In the next year, as more layers of dirt are uncovered, exposing vast corruption, the GOP Senate will lose power and many of their surefire candidates will be sent home in shame, as they watch justice prevail. In what might be an odd compromise, the GOP will have to fill the shoes of both trump and pence.

    Recall that: The line of succession follows the order of: vice president, speaker of the House of Representatives, president pro tempore of the Senate, and then the eligible heads of federal executive departments who form the president’s Cabinet.

    Does it matter if Moscow Mitch is reelected in 2020, as evidence mounts against trump and the GOP?

    The impeachment inquiry, as Pelosi has recently said, has no time limit — but is an inquiry like a grand jury, has about a thirty-six month limit (which can be extended) — or, is an inquiry by the House something that can be played with all through next year? Looks like instead of wrapping up fast, Pelosi is taking the football away from the Senate and putting it in the hands of voters.

    See: H. RES. 396 (among others)

    Authorizing and directing the Committee on the Judiciary to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise the power vested by article 1, section 2, clause 5 of the Constitution in respect to acts of misconduct by Donald John Trump, President of the United States.

    May 22, 2019
    Ms. Jackson Lee (for herself, Mr. Castro of Texas, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Cohen) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Rules

    Sec. 2. The committee shall report to the House of Representatives such resolutions, articles of impeachment, or other recommendations as it deems proper.

    Sec. 3. (a) For the purpose of making such investigation, the committee, as it deems necessary to such investigation, is authorized to require—

    (1) by subpoena or otherwise—

    Subpoenas and interrogatories so authorized may be issued over the signature of the chairman, and may be served by any person designated by the chairman, or any member designated by the chairman, blah, blah, blah …

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