Pelosi Says Trump Had ‘Meltdown’ In Syria Meeting After House Rebuke, All-Day Graham Criticism

Donald Trump had a "meltdown" during a meeting with senior lawmakers, advisors and officials, at the White House on Wednesday afternoon, according to Nancy Pelosi. Earlier, the House overwhelmingly passed a measure i) condemning the president's decision in Syria, ii) calling on Recep Tayyip Erdogan to halt his offensive, which has targeted America's former Kurdish allies and iii) calling on the US to support the Kurds in the face of the Turkish military's bloody cross-border incursion. The vote

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16 thoughts on “Pelosi Says Trump Had ‘Meltdown’ In Syria Meeting After House Rebuke, All-Day Graham Criticism

  1. I missed out on the draft for the Vietnam war because I was a just a bit too young when the majority of draftees were being taken. That said, I knew people that were drafted or signed up due to US propaganda. Some came home. Some did not. I protested the Vietnam war. When is the US going to stop being the planet’s biggest bully? When are we going to quit starting these “regime-change” conflicts?

    I didn’t vote for Trump and strongly disagree with 99.9% of what he does and says. I am also looking for the day when liberals, progressives, and/or Democrats speak out against wars of choice. This is the 0.1% of the time where I agree with the Orange Man. I’ve spent too much time with friends/co-workers who came back from Vietnam messed up.

    1. I have family members who have done the same and also came home “suffering the consequences “ They would do it all over again because the truth of the matter is not so black and white as “don’t get involved and they will leave us alone. “They won’t leave us alone period. Do you really think “they” wouldn’t dare to come to the USA?

  2. It’s pretty funny that he would post that pic and call it a ‘meltdown’ when it more looks like a schooling. Then, Nancy makes him further a fool by making it her new headline.

  3. I thought Pelosi said that trump called her a third grade politician and then said, trump didn’t even get his insult right.

    Back at the Capitol, Pelosi told reporters Trump called her a “third-grade politician” and that she responded, “I wish you were a politician.”.

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