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US-China Trade Talks Resume Under Shadow Of Threats, Political Turmoil

The conditions are anything but ideal. 

Trade talks between the US and China are set to resume this week. The conditions are anything but ideal. Thanks to Donald Trump's extraordinarily ill-advised decision to openly solicit election interference from Xi Jinping last week, it's reasonable to assume that Liu He and his entire delegation were warned by the Party leadership in Beijing that anything said in Washington is subject to being subpoenaed by House Democrats. Indeed, Nancy Pelosi has already questioned whether a June 18 call between Trump and Xi included a quid pro quo on trade, and Elizabeth Warren has demanded an account of that call be made public. Read more: A Brazen Trump Appears To Threaten Xi Jinping, Says China Should Investigate Joe And Hunter Biden In addition to that, the threat of the administration moving forward with proposals to limit capital flows and the October 15 deadline beyond which 25% tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods are scheduled to ratchet higher to 30%, loom large. On Tuesday, we cited Goldman in detailing the flow implications of some of the options reportedly being weighed by the administration to cut off US investment to China. In a note dated Thursday, the bank expanded a
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  1. George says:

    Key thought…..Agreement in order engineer market rally…. sums up this post …..I think….

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