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After The Storm: Full Week Ahead Preview

So much for the summer "lull".

So much for the summer "lull".
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6 comments on “After The Storm: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Everything Trump touches dies. The stock market and the Obama recovery will be next. And American democracy after that, if he’s reelected.

    • So far, every single act of T’s presidency has been specifically designed to hurt either an individual or a group. Actually, it’s an astonishing display of vitriol.

  2. Harvey Cotton

    Also without delving too far into partisanship, any Republican (and I put the over/under at 0.35) that questions or blames Trump for the shooting will no longer be a Republican. They will blame video games, Muslim extremists, mental health, loan wolves, Satan, transsexuals, the Obama Administration or whoever or whatever else necessary to deflect blame and throw smoke bombs. Chicago and Baltimore will be the new thoughts and prayers, Trump will say something stupid and outrageous, and America will move on to the next news cycle.

    • Harvey,

      You are right on here. Sad we have no one with any sanity and common sense to push the right legistration through, before we all go down.

  3. Lance Manly

    Services PMI is going to be interesting. If it starts to roll over that’s it. Markit says the long term expectations are at a series low in the flash PMI.

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