Cracks In The Carry Trade

“For the first time since the start of 2016 (when the risk-on phase started), dollar liquidity has rolled over.”


High Drama: Full Week Ahead Preview

Who’s ready for another week like last week?!

One Trade, Two Housing Bubbles, And The Greatest Speculative Mania In History

“The prevailing wisdom is that there are two great housing bubbles out there today”…

What Could Go Wrong? Full Week Ahead Preview

Buckle up, this could be a bumpy ride.

Geopolitics & Wild Cards: Full Week Ahead Preview

Geopolitics is back in the spotlight to start the week.

Aussie Longs Furious At Vegetables Today As Inflation ‘Disappears Into The Bush’

Maybe ask a vegetable.

Hurricane Damage: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, well it’s Sunday which means, barring Trump wandering into a nuclear war in the next several hours, tomorrow will be Monday. This week they’ll be a lot of talk about…

1 Million.

“It’s not crazy”…

Make Risk Great Again.

Now stay tuned to find out if Kim bought some VXX today on the cheap so he can fire off an ICBM this evening and make a few million to put towards his next H-bomb.

‘Good Luck, We’re All Counting On You’: Full Week Ahead Preview

To be sure, whatever you thought was going to dominate the news flow in the week ahead is probably going to take a backseat to North Korea, for obvious reasons. 

But North Korea isn’t the only thing on traders’ minds this week. Not by a long shot.

Aussie Spread Over Treasurys Balloons To Post-Election High

Here’s one of those notable developments that’s probably flying under your radar.

Folks Are Bullish As Hell On These Currencies

Maybe you noticed.

‘60% Of The Time, It Works Every Time’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, well good news: we’ll get a break from potentially market-moving scheduled events this week. Notice I said “scheduled” events. That’s a category that does not include impromptu staff changes at 1600 Pennsylvania, declarations of war made via Twitter, subpoenas for Trump associates, precious metals flash crashes, and/or ICBM launches. One thing worth watching this week…

‘Seldom Mentioned,’ ‘Bigly,’ Ubiquitous Stock Rally Continues: Tuesday In Charts

“Billions, and billions, and billions, and”…

RBA Flags Risk To Outlook, Inflation From Stronger Aussie

It’s probably going to take more than some jawboning…