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Raging Rates And Bond Markets On The Boil

To be sure, the situation is "fluid".

To be sure, the situation is "fluid".
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1 comment on “Raging Rates And Bond Markets On The Boil

  1. Well it is Sunday , and some of us are waiting in anticipation for this drama to continue on Monday.. Sundays are notorious for posts of this sort and comments like this one….We all in fact had warning from Charlie M the other day about the rigors of unpredictability..
    All this reminds me of a tenant I had called Theodore, who lived in a log cabin on a ranch I owned.. One day he decided to host a barbecue on the river and among other delicacies cooked Zucchini soup to get rid of excess zucchini (obviously)… Anyway he added , you name it and no one ate the stuff but he couldn’t talk himself int pitching the crap so he put it behind the building in the cool night and covered it… Long story short his Dog Kagan a 12 year old Lab/cross got into it over the night and ate way to much…. Three days later ,having been given up for dead reappeared very green around the gills and and ten pounds lighter……Was good for a laugh because he had consumed the unpredictable..!!!

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