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Fed On Hold, But Out Of ‘Patience’. 8 Officials See Lower Rates In 2019

"Increased uncertainty."

"Increased uncertainty."
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4 comments on “Fed On Hold, But Out Of ‘Patience’. 8 Officials See Lower Rates In 2019

  1. If nominal GDP grows less than 4% in the 2nd quarter that’s all she wrote. They will cut in July, only question is will it be 25 or 50bps

  2. All I have to say is the US is lucky the EU and China can’t get their shit together cause they would be wholly fucked. Also, I bet Bullard is just vying for Trumps attention in case the chair becomes available.

    • Well, if Trump succeeded in removing Powell, I think the list of competent candidates who would want the job would shorten considerably.

  3. Anonymous

    POTUS aka Bully-In-Chief.
    Patience is prudent. If Trump settled his trade war with China, the stock market would zoom. That’s all Trump really cares about-looking good before the 2020 election. Lower interest rates and/or QE on top of a zooming stock market doesn’t sound prudent to me.

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