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It’s Official: White House Weighed ‘Legality’ Of ‘Demoting’ Jerome Powell

If you had any lingering doubts...

If you had any lingering doubts...
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3 comments on “It’s Official: White House Weighed ‘Legality’ Of ‘Demoting’ Jerome Powell

  1. As an overview ……insanity can be defined as using a failed solution repeatedly and expecting a different result…This can very easily be applied to monetary policy….Case in point the last decade !!!

  2. J. Pierpont

    Markets look really really worried about “Fed independence.”

  3. I don’t think it takes wild speculation to guess what the analysis says. Remember Stephen Moore?? In December he said “Donald Trump wanted to drain the swamp,” he said. “Well, John, the Fed is the swamp. The big question now that’s been debated about is whether Donald Trump has the authority as president to replace the Federal Reserve Chairman. The law says he can replace the Federal Reserve Chairman for cause. I would say, well, the cause is that he’s wrecking our economy.” https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/12/24/stephen_moore_we_do_not_have_an_inflation_problem_we_need_to_be_putting_more_liquidity_in_the_economy.html
    By March, Trump wanted Moore on the Board.
    (I know Moore is not a lawyer. But he’s not an economist either.)

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