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Trump Said To Consider Firing Jerome Powell – If You’re Surprised, Your Naiveté Knows No Bounds

Nobody could have seen this coming.

Nobody could have seen this coming.
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7 comments on “Trump Said To Consider Firing Jerome Powell – If You’re Surprised, Your Naiveté Knows No Bounds

  1. Eerily prescient h….

  2. Not surprised by anything Trump says or does. But I give him credit for his rapport with world leaders like Putin, Erdogan, Kim Un Jong, Duterte, and his idol – DJT.

  3. Slade Grenville

    Typical of a tin pot dictator – nuke the thermometer to when it gets too hot. Listen, deep sixing powell solves nothing. The Fed voted unanimously in December. What? Is gonna be the night of the long knives and all Fed Governors go down and Mulvany ‘holds it from above’ like he did with consumer protection bureau? Three Stooges writers couldn’t dream this stuff up.

  4. I hope he does it: Will cut the indices in half. Then, in 2020, busted ordinary American investors will deep-six Trump and the Republican Party for good.

  5. “Suddenly, former traders and FX analysts have become political scientists and historians on the way to making claims about what Trump “can”, “can’t” and “won’t” do, when it comes to the Fed. Well sorry guys and gals, that’s not your area of expertise. Trump will try to overstep if he runs out of other options.”

    Most of the political scientists and historians probably got out of the market on November 9, 2016.

    That wasn’t our area of expertise, which is why we lost a lot of money in doing so.

    • well, not really. that logic only applies if you realized those gains (i.e., if you sold). if you stayed in and are still holding the Russell, for instance (and I use that because it was a consensus “Trump trade”) you are now up a mere 6% (and falling every day).

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