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It All Falls Down: Stocks Crash Again As Trump Shutdown Begets Friday Rout

It's over for Trump.

It's over for Trump.
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8 comments on “It All Falls Down: Stocks Crash Again As Trump Shutdown Begets Friday Rout

  1. Quovadiszero

    Read an interesting article on Quora by someone reputed to know T Rump and stated he was an Adderall snorter….now that makes perfect sense.

  2. His brain certainly seems ‘fried.’

  3. The fact that this Country was able to Elect an idiot as Chief Executive says very little for the Political system..The fact that an Economy that can’t sustain 3% interest rates is called robust is not a testimonial to our strength and stability. The fact that John Williams was trotted out to sacrifice for the diminished credibility of the corrupted Fiscal/Monetary regime is also no surprise. The only surprise in fact was that it has taken this long to arrive at this juncture.

    It will be fun to see what mechanisms/rabbits are pulled out of the proverbial Hat to gloss over this Christmas present. Ahh, to be as eloquent as H….would top my year off…Practice makes perfect (better will do).

  4. Who do I have to bribe to get you to come back to Seeking Alpha, Heis? Your insights would have been greatly appreciated this month. I’ve been short HYG since December last year when I first read one of your posts about liquidity and credit spreads…it’s finally panning out!

    • Touche, great post

    • Lance Manly

      The saying “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” is stupid. You just have to plan. I was super close to taking my profits yesterday.

  5. Yellen already publicly called stock market valuations rich near the end of her term, indicating to take profits (i.e., the Fed put strike would not be raised). You got burned, you don’t have Powell to blame for it folks.

  6. monkfelonious

    And then we have the shit-for-brains WSJ:

    “Mr. Trump entered the Presidency as a disrupter of the status quo, for which he has many fans,” the editorial board wrote. “We include ourselves among those who believe the political status quo—here and abroad—was overdue for challenge. He has provided that with a sharp cut in the U.S. corporate tax rate, economy-wide deregulation and U.S. withdrawal from the Obama Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord. “

    Then came the “but…”.

    Butt me in and butt me out for as much as I can get….WSJ

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