Bloodbath In China: A Postmortem

Bloodbath In China: A Postmortem

Anyone who was just itchin' to write a story about the day it finally fell apart for mainland shares in China got their chance today. The country's world-beating equity rally came to a screeching halt on Friday after Citic issued a government-approved sell call on red-hot People’s Insurance Company (Group). Sour sentiment was exacerbated by lackluster February trade data, which only added to the gloomy outlook for global growth following the ECB's dramatic forecast cuts. Read more And Now
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4 thoughts on “Bloodbath In China: A Postmortem

  1. you need to be careful your commentary is always to the negative reporting the past not much commentary on lead indicators, it will take a lot to kill the uptrend in Chinese equities, most of which you write about is priced into markets.

    1. “Not much commentary on lead indicators”… really? Is that a serious comment? I talk constantly about leading indicators and your comment doesn’t sound like you read the article. China itself (i.e., the actual government) killed the rally on Friday. Do you imagine Citic issued a sell call without the Politburo’s permission?

      See post below on some “leading indicators”.

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