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From Mueller To Foreign Policy, Here Are The Highlights From Trump’s CBS Interview With Margaret Brennan

"Whoa, that's news." "Excuse me. Ok, you ready?" And more.

"Whoa, that's news." "Excuse me. Ok, you ready?" And more.
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15 comments on “From Mueller To Foreign Policy, Here Are The Highlights From Trump’s CBS Interview With Margaret Brennan

  1. Jan Veenstra

    I have always felt it was unfortunate that only a part of the free world got to elect its leader. Now that we have a mentally enfeebled senile in the white house and the Senate abandoning its duty, it is a total disaster. These are the days that one is loosing faith in democracy as we know it. Did some one test him for Alzheimer yet ?

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    25th Amendment. In other words, 25th Amendment.

    • Sir

      I get your response but compared to Trump, his replacement, Mr. Pence, is the Devil incarnate. Look at his record in IN and be very afraid. Certainly no woman will be safe in Pence’s version of America.

      • Just cannot rationalize keeping trump to avoid Pence – currently, we have both! Pence would have a huge number of female members in Congress that would easily have strong control. Plus, balance of his term would be limited. Not to mention, we don’t know the Mueller report contents and it remains to be seen what Pence’s future will be! One final comment: Cut off the head of the snake…

      • Harvey Darrow Cotton

        Pence sucks. No doubt about it. But I would take my chances with an unelected President Pence who endorsed Ted Cruz for President, with no support among the Republican anti-establishment base, with no charisma and chain-tied to the worst of Trump’s policies against his own instincts and past positions. That is a battle that can be won.

        • Concur with Harvey. At this point, much of the electability threat that Pence might otherwise have presented has been neutralized – and when it comes to policy, it’s hard to imagine Pence accomplishing anything truly terrible – not that he wouldn’t try!

          • the image of him sitting in the chair to trump’s right during the meeting with Nancy and Chuck — that alone would destroy him

  3. This interview and his exact words and repetitive phrasing is a prime symptom of adult autism. I was going to paste in a few examples but the entire conversation is a good example – just read it all again, from top to bottom.

    Well done Heis!

    I hear many suppositions from dementia to syphilis but the condition I see appears to be better defined as adult autism or perhaps aspergers syndrome. ADHD is usually present in both and generally treated with Adderall. Overuse or improper use of Adderall has many serious side effects, one of which greatly reduces ability to sleep. Interesting to note that absolutely no alcohol is allowed with Adderall.

  4. Working hard every day to earn his Cheetoh Von Clownstick moniker.

  5. The guy doesn’t come across in clear King’s English. Ultimately we should elect officials based upon the policies they will pursue. Most politicians from both sides of the aisle pursue the policy of getting re-elected above all else. He isn’t the most polished but the policies that he attempts to getting enacted would be better for America than a Socialist state proposed by the far left Democrats.

  6. Only in America could this guy be elected in any office. It never ceases to amaze me how clueless, foolish, ignorant and frankly stupid (and untrustworthy) he sounds when he speaks. Unreal. Less than 2 years left………..

  7. Murphy it seems like you are on to something. He is not well. ADD seems for sure. Delusions, lying constantly even when not needed etc come from what?

    He is just not normal, not well. It is actually sad to watch.

    • The sad part is watching what is happening in our country and the declining behavior towards other nationalities and the loss of so many children from their families; the growth of hate and loss of respect for other human beings; war between Republicans and Democrats and their failure to work together to raise us up; the encouragement for Russia or China or even N. Korea to find a way to destabilize our security. The majority of the voters were not in favor of him but our democratic system is flawed in that he was installed as the president as a result of election tampering by foreign and domestic interference and even though we know that is true, he still sits in the WH and continues to plunder America. Now, that is what is really sad.

  8. Noun Verb Wall.
    BTW, where is Rudy?
    “A short-term staffer I hardly knew…”

  9. Yeah, Rudy was just a low-level coffee guy. Barely even knew him. Same with Roger Stone, just an intern during the very early days of the presidential campain. Don Jr.? Never actually heard of him, hardly any contact except for some photo ops.

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