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Back To The Drawing Board

"What does all this mean?"

"What does all this mean?"
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4 comments on “Back To The Drawing Board

  1. This has no relevance to the above article, but in my George Sanderson persona, I have to mention that today is 2319. So everyone, place a child’s sock on your shoulder and show some monster pride! That’s all.

    Oh, H, I always love the images you place with each article header. So now there’s some relevance.

  2. There was at least one exception to the down December trend and up January trend…….gold and gold miners went up and up. So the lesson is easy when considering risk management and balancing assets for the coming months.

  3. Thanks for this post H…..This one says it all and matches intuitive assessments to a T………

  4. Is there a failure scenario (X a 200 mile wide comet) that will not be addressable?

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