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Good News: The US Economy Might Not Be Falling Off A Cliff After All


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2 comments on “Good News: The US Economy Might Not Be Falling Off A Cliff After All

  1. a bit of poetic license on the ‘pounding’, no?

    so the economy is good….so the fed CAN do a rate raise….or continue the covert financial conditions tightening via the balance sheet runoff. if no changes in rate of runoff….didnt we read somewhere that each 100billion is like a quarter point in the fed funds rate?

    we are back in a ‘is good news good or bad, and what IS good news in 2019? a stronger economy and higher rates or vice versa?

    too bad housing and autos continue to fall off a cliff, and china….and that the LEI (less jobless claims/sp500 factors) is rolling over.

    beware of folks who insist on wanting to know not only what the propensity of a mkt downturn are, but also insist you couple that with the Why?–that item that will coincide with mkt decline. Retail has no memory of those series of 3% down days in december… that the hallmark of a bull market?

  2. Right, the economy is kickimg so much ass that it needs a higher Fed put lest it crash and burn.

    The wealth effect is a real bitch…

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