Trump Tells CBS Pelosi Is ‘Bad For Our Country’, Says ‘People Are Dying’ Because Of Her

This is getting unconscionable.

Then again, it crossed over into unconscionable territory literally years ago (i.e., from the time Trump announced his candidacy by decrying Mexicans as “rapists”), but the President of the United States on Friday told CBS in an exclusive interview that the Speaker of the House “doesn’t mind human trafficking.”

Trump has of course been embroiled in a bitter (and exceptionally petty) war of words with Pelosi for more than a month. The fact that she ultimately forced him to relent on wall funding a week ago (in the Rose Garden on national television) and also exercised her power to delay his State of the Union address was a grievous blow to a man who cannot suffer even the slightest slight when it comes to his fragile ego.

The domestic political scene was defined by Trump’s “WALL!” balderdash this week and the President made it clear, both in remarks to reporters and in tweet after unhinged tweet, that he won’t accept any deal with Democrats that doesn’t involve funding for a barrier.

On Thursday, a draft Democratic proposal surfaced and, as Trump tipped on social media just hours earlier, it included no money for his “slat fence”. Pelosi did not mince words, telling the press simply this: “…there’s not gonna be any wall money.”

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Hours after regaling reporters (for the second time in less than a day) with his plans to declare a national emergency in the interest of overriding Congress and (literally) diverting funds from disaster relief to his vanity project, Trump said this on CBS:

Here it is again:

Well, I think that she was very rigid – which I would expect – but I think she’s very bad for our country. She knows that you need a barrier. She knows that we need border security. She wanted to win a political point. I happen to think it’s very bad politics because basically, she wants open borders. She doesn’t mind human trafficking or she wouldn’t do this.

That logic is so ridiculous that even Trump can’t possibly think it checks out. Saying that anybody who doesn’t support his wall idea “doesn’t mind human trafficking” is like saying anybody who isn’t in favor of banning guns “doesn’t mind murders.” Or that anyone who doesn’t support banning steak “doesn’t mind heart attacks.” And on and on.

Because what he’s saying is too absurd even for him to believe, the only conclusion the rest of us can come to is that the President is fully aware of the fact that he is deliberately demonizing the Speaker of the House on the way to telling his support base (some of whom don’t have “very large brains”) that Nancy Pelosi is pro-human trafficking.

And do note what he said next:

She’s – she’s costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what’s happening is when you have a porous border and when you have drugs pouring in, and when you have people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi.

I don’t think we have to say this, but in case it’s in any way, shape or form unclear, that should be grounds for impeachment. You cannot, as the President of the United States, go on national television and say that the Speaker of the House is for human trafficking and is the cause of “people dying all over the country.”

Again, that is absolutely unconscionable and has the potential to incite violence against Democrats everywhere.

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time Trump has incited violence against someone who opposes his agenda. It’s an everyday thing when it comes to the media.

The ultimate irony: this kind of rhetoric is right out of the playbook of dictators just like Nicolás Maduro, who this administration is moving heaven and earth to overthrow.

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16 thoughts on “Trump Tells CBS Pelosi Is ‘Bad For Our Country’, Says ‘People Are Dying’ Because Of Her

  1. Pelosi has been nothing but professional and respectful when speaking to or about this vile cretin and he sees that as weakness so he then degrades her by making detestable and abusive comments as if he is stating facts to vilify her character and ability to lead a civilized union. He has crossed the line. again. How dare the Senate sit on their asses and ignore this behavior! In all my 7 decades of life and all the politicians I have seen and endured, there has never been anything as low as this despicable man. Enough.

    Impeachment is far too civilized of a process to remove him; he does not deserve a respectful end to his illegal taking of the Office of the President of the United States of America.

    1. Despicable indeed! However, judging from the comments I see in financial blogs, that sentiment is in the minority. Republicans know that.

      1. and we will know who is willing to sell out their country for a few dollars and that puts them in the same huddle as trump . . . I believe they will live to regret it

  2. I love it! His Imperial anUS is throwing his band of haters against the person who is NOT running against him in 2020.
    Booting him, then prosecuting him under civil action, will get the majorities (Sp?) money back – and DJT in striped pajamas.
    I’d say DJT has figured out how to get out of the job he didn’t ask for beginning in 2016. He really wanted a deal with a major network.

  3. Trump is dumb, but I am counting on the Democrats to do something even dumber and get Trump re-elected. It’s all very depressing. Maybe Mr. Starbucks has a point.

    1. problem with Trump is that he’s literally dumb. and this is what i’ve been trying to emphasize for two years to readers who accuse me of being “anti-Trump”. I’m not “anti-Trump” where Trump is “private citizen, D-list celebrity Trump.” I’m “anti-President Trump” and while the collusion thing is obviously the biggest political scandal in modern history and while it’s highly disconcerting that we have a possible Russian intelligence asset in the Oval Office, that, believe it or not, is NOT my main issue with Trump. My main issue is, was and always will be that his is actually dumb. Not “strategically dumb” like Democrats. And not “oh, he says some dumb things because he’s a poor communicator” like, for instance, W. But rather, Donald Trump is quite literally a stupid person who I honestly think might be mildly retarded. And for the hundredth time, I’m not even trying to insult him when I say that. I think he, and Don Jr. and Eric, might be mildly disabled.

      That, right there, is my main problem with Trump running the country.

  4. Just worry about the possobility (maybe probability) of some serious “sticks and stones” from old 3Vs (Vain, Vacuous and Vengeful) because we should by now know that these kinds of very immature and petty “words” will not never hurt “Nancy”.

  5. Yeah, no debate that he is inept. But sometimes I swear it’s like he picked up a script for Adderall a few years back. I’ve seen very similar behaviour in people who’ve taken it without legit ADHD.

  6. Politics is only about power. All politics is “unconscionable”–i.e. without conscience and sometimes without consciousness either. Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi who said “Building a Wall will violate the rights of millions of illegal immigrants?”

  7. be careful all you haters. Trump, like Bill Clinton is extremely intelligent, and trying to fix messes “C” students like Bush and Obama left him. I hear a lot of vitriol but no solutions, certainly not from Pelosi. We all know ‘drones and high tech’ will not work along the whole border. So if that is her only solution, then by extension she is for “open borders”. It would be nice if the Speaker wanted to make America great again, rather than protecting The Swamp.

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