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‘Dangerous’, ‘Excessive’, ‘Aggressive’: Donald Trump Starts Global Currency War

Throw out the script.

Throw out the script.
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4 comments on “‘Dangerous’, ‘Excessive’, ‘Aggressive’: Donald Trump Starts Global Currency War

  1. I’m an expert on both political science and economics thanks to my high school diploma, and it’s plain to me and everyone else in Trumpland that the Fed is just showing its true colors as part of the sinister Obama-Clinton-globalist syndicate here. They’re in the tank for China for sure.

    If the Fed was really onboard with making America great again, they would lower interest rates to zero and give everybody a free $1 million loan.

    • That’s brilliant. If the Fed can please start the loan process by sending me a million and then give me a 2 month window until they give everyone else theirs, it would be appreciated. Before it’s depreciated, anyway.

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