‘We Are Raising Rates – Really?’ Trump Again Attacks The Fed, Accuses Europe, China Of ‘Manipulation’

‘We Are Raising Rates – Really?’ Trump Again Attacks The Fed, Accuses Europe, China Of ‘Manipulation’

World renowned FX and rates strategist Donald Trump is on the warpath. Having spent the first three days of the week tying himself in rhetorical knots trying to "explain" what exactly it is he believes or doesn't believe about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Trump got back to focusing on trade and domestic economic policy Thursday when, in a characteristically controversial interview with CNBC, the President suggested he's not pleased with Jerome Powell. There are three mai
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15 thoughts on “‘We Are Raising Rates – Really?’ Trump Again Attacks The Fed, Accuses Europe, China Of ‘Manipulation’

  1. He also goes back 5 years before his election to claim that Soya bean prices, which are set internationally, has fallen 50%. I assume the reason for the 5 year before his election is to hide how much it’s fallen since.

  2. The clown show just creates one headwind after another for our country. These are self inflicted wounds which are then used as perceived slights to his country, holy shit this fucker gets more deranged by the tweet and the coveffe is drowning us in shame and pity. I don’t know which is worse. America vote, vote and vote in every coming election and tell this corrupt government to go fuck themselves.

    80% of republicans have lost their minds and are under some kind of trump-drug induced trip and actually believe this shithead. Where is Spock when we need a good mind-meld.

  3. It’s completely insane that this country does not have some kind of back-up plan when the controlling Congress has joined forces with the actual Enemy of the People and instead stands firm in doing nothing to remove the poison from the WH. All Journalists should begin immediately to refer to him as The Enemy of The People, on air, every damned day.

    Think back a few years – how long was it that Regan was suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia before it was known? Based on trump’s behavior and aggression, I think he should be required to undergo a legitimate physical and mental exam and not by some WH quack this time!

    Additionally, I hope someone is working on an Amendment to give us leverage to remove an incompetent and/or traitor/terrorist from the Oval Office along with the congress members who refuse to keep country above party!

    1. Ironically, the Founding Fathers devised this system to limit the power of the presidency in comparison to the British constitutional monarchy.

      Fast forward 200 years, and an insane monarch would make not one whit of difference in Britain, an insane prime minister could be quietly stuffed onto an iceberg by his own party literally overnight without fear of retaliation in the primaries, but an obviously unfit president, well…

  4. We will hope Powell is a man of integrity and will follow his own judgment despite the possibility that he may be “accused”.

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