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Trader Asks: Does IG Know Something Everything Else Doesn’t?

"Something unusual is happening."

"Something unusual is happening."
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4 comments on “Trader Asks: Does IG Know Something Everything Else Doesn’t?

  1. Craig Mackechnie

    I got some macro commentary recently about money flowing out of EM bonds into US high yield. They are seeking safety from the EM rout but need to still earn a decent yield. This could be a factor compressing yield spreads in favour of high yield. Another piece in the jigsaw maybe?

  2. LQD ( i shares investment grade etf) is geared to financial and consumer cyclical sectors while low exposure to energy.

    HYG ( i shares high yield etf) is geared to communication and energy while low exposure to financial.

    Is it a battle of interest rates and the likelihood of higher oil prices?

  3. Yeah maybe the “trade war” narrative is gaining more traction in the market

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