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Breaker One-Niner

The market's verdict was as follows.

The market's verdict was as follows.
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2 comments on “Breaker One-Niner

  1. Is it possible that the nature of a Fed Chairperson’s education is related to the manner in which they think, or are trained or understand how deliver of what they know at these hearings?

    Volker graduated with a University degree and graduate degree (MA) in Economics and a fellowship from the London School of Economics; Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen each graduated with University degree and graduate degrees (MA and PhD) in Economics; all of the above the above immersed themselves in the field of economics (whether academics or commercial) post-graduation until appointed to serve as Fed Chairman.

    Powell took a different route, graduating Princeton with an AB in Political Science and from Georgetown with a law degree. Then he served as a law clerk for an appeals judge, and worked as a transactional lawyer in banking, finance, mergers and acquisitions and then in 1990 took a three-year stint with the government. Then he worked here and there but not as if “economist.” Finally, in 2011 he was nominated to the Federal Reserve Board by Obama, until Trump made him chairman.

  2. The Fed chairs are (were) all throwing darts. Maybe I should care about what number on the board that the Fed chair is calling before the toss — but I care more that he has a blindfold on…

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