‘Enough!’ A Disgusted Cramer Tells A British Nobleman He’s Selling Facebook

“Just buy the damn robots!!!”

Or not. Because as it turns out, “the robots” might be accidentally working with “the Russians” and “the shady people” to undercut “the democracy” that “the American people” have enjoyed since our rather rough breakup with England a while back.

We’ve already done a couple of Facebook posts today (and when I say “Facebook posts” I actually mean “posts about Facebook” on Heisenberg Report – I can’t do any actual Facebook posts because they kicked me off after I couldn’t prove I was actually Walter White – true story), but we thought we’d do another one because this fucker is down the most since 2012:


One person who has seen enough of this shit is Jim Cramer who is noticeably disgusted with it on Monday, telling fellow CNBC anchor (and man who moonlights as an extra in every, single British period piece on television) Wilfred Frost the following: 

You know what, if I’m going to pay say 23 times this year’s earnings or 19 times next year’s, I don’t want to get up in the morning'” and see a bad headline every day.

So you know, for all of the folks out there who trade based on what Jim’s “trust” is doing (which is about like basing your trading decisions on Dennis Gartman’s latest exercise in referring to himself in the third person), I guess it’s time to “SELL, SELL, SELL”.

Here’s the video:

Facebook under fire over data misuse from CNBC.


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