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Do Not Show Donald Trump This Poll

Lots of "tremendous" news in here.

Lots of "tremendous" news in here.
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1 comment on “Do Not Show Donald Trump This Poll

  1. Anonymous

    I know you have a serious man crush on Marko, but I question the applicability of game theory to current trade policy. Game theory is based on the assumption that the people involved are rational actors. I don’t know that you can really apply game theory to Trump, particularly as Mueller appears to be closing in on him and he seems to be becoming increasingly unhinged. It’s also hard to apply game theory to Trump since so many of his decisions seem to be driven by a revolving cast of advisors in the White House and guests on Fox News and it’s hard to predict who he will listen to on any given day. Also, the man has such a casual relationship with reality, and is so intellectually incurious and lazy, that I’m not sure he can accurately predict the outcomes of his actions.

    Is there a modified game theory for people with narcissistic personality disorder, willful ignorance on most topics of importance, impressive amounts of Dunning-Kruger induced self confidence, high levels of stress, and cognitive decline?

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