Facebook Could Face ‘Trillions’ In Fines: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

Boy, it's looking like Facebook might be severely fucked. Shares are down sharply to start the week and as noted early Monday morning, some analysts are already out warning that the data breach fiasco has the potential to spiral out of control. I'm not seeing anything from the major banks yet, but you can bet some folks are panic-crunching the numbers this morning to try and come up with some kind of back-of-the- envelope calculations for the potential liability here. Raoul Pal's got some th

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10 thoughts on “Facebook Could Face ‘Trillions’ In Fines: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

  1. This is precisely why I never bought any FB stock despite knowing it would blow up for a while. The business model was built on the back of a complete lack of ethics. Eventually the odds are that will bite you.

  2. The battle is for ANY decency as greed piles up to our collective necks. Religion, fu*k religion this has nothing to do with religion some of that group are without morals so don’t even go there. This is about right and wrong period.

  3. Thankfully have refused to sign up on FB.

    OTOH, seeing everyone expecting congress to do something about this is laughable. You guys do remember, don’t you that this congress gave ISPs the right to collect and sell your own NON anonymized privacy data fro any and all of your web surfing .. that includes your browsing history. Yes, it passed to little fanfare in March of 17 and has been signed into law. I guess it”s all part of Trump’s “drain the swamp” initiative.

    Face it .. if you’re a US citizen you exist solely to be manipulated and fleeced by corporate America. We are all just pawns for add’l commerce.

  4. Just like Equifax, (because if your info is stolen, it’s probably fine), I expect very little to come of this. FB might sink down the drain with fines from the government, but the consumer won’t have any payback, no retribution, not a lick of salt in the whole thing. Too bad for shareholders of FB and too bad for consumers who were fleeced. Just another giant FUCK YOU from this government.

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