Color Me Bigly.

Color Me Bigly.

It was risk-on all the way to start the week as Wall Street took its cues from Asia and Europe where stocks jumped amid what everyone is calling "optimism" about the U.S. tax plan. That would be the plan that almost no one in America really wants. Well, I shouldn't say "no one"... For noted equities strategist Kellyanne Conway, correlation always equals causation ... Th
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4 thoughts on “Color Me Bigly.

  1. Clearly the Trump administration is both historically, mathematically and scale challenged. If you look at the Obama stock market from March 2009 to 2016 – it was up 210% – or about 30% a year if averaged. (

    It is more credible to argue that the current market increases are extensions of the market increases that started in 2009 under Obama, than it has to do with Trump regardless of all his false and fake claims.

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