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Trump ‘Hates’ To Tell Puerto Rico, But They’ve Thrown ‘A Thing Called Budget Out Of Whack’

"What is your death count?"

Donald Trump has had a hard time getting the messaging right when it comes to Puerto Rico.

And who can blame him, right? I mean how do you expect him to stay focused on something “trivial” like a massive hurricane relief effort when NFL players are kneeling during the national anthem and when LeBron James is calling him a “bum” on Twitter?

But Trump is a multitasker. That’s how he was able to simultaneously run a real estate empire into the ground, defraud students via a network of branded “universities”, send you mail order meat, and preside over one of the most spectacular professional sports debacles in U.S. history.


Of course being a multitasker invariably means your time is stretched thin, and so people will forgive you if you make a mistake here and there.

When it comes to Puerto Rico, those mistakes include maligning the Mayor of San Juan during a tragedy, suggesting that hurricanes are what happens to people who are in debt, and suggesting that the entire island is a bunch of lazy, “politically motivated ingrates” who are engaged in a conspiracy involving Nancy Pelosi.

Fortunately, he made amends for those blunders by dedicating a golf trophy to the island.

So that brings us neatly to Tuesday, which finds Trump actually on the ground in Puerto Rico and as you can imagine, he immediately exhibited his flair for all things presidential by informing the island that the disaster has “blown a hole” in “a thing called budget.” Here’s the President:

You’ll also note the truly classic moment when Trump asks “what is your death count?” on the way to “proving” how adequate the response has been by way of a comparison with Katrina after which “hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds” of people died. With the confirmed count at “just” 16 casualties for Puerto Rico, Trump says the island can be “very proud.”

Something tells me none of that is quite what Puerto Rico was looking for from Trump – but that’s just our best guess.


9 comments on “Trump ‘Hates’ To Tell Puerto Rico, But They’ve Thrown ‘A Thing Called Budget Out Of Whack’

  1. Paul says:

    Is that the most uncomfortable looking room you’ve ever seen?
    “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little our of whack” Pauses for comic effect…silence…pauses longer.. stony silence
    moves on “how many dead? 17?”
    “16 sir”
    “16 not bad, not too shabby Puerto thingy…”
    *Whole room simultaneously sighs “oh, puhlease God get me outta here…..*

  2. Curt A Tyner says:

    WTF. The world is in chaos and dumbsh*t in chief wants to know score of the game( DEAD). This is the worst person to EVER (probably) be POTUS.

    • Murphy says:

      Curt, forget the probably part! ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG PERSON

    • Murphy says:

      Curt, my finger hit the wrong button, I was not finished! His behavior in Puerto Rico today was almost unbelievable! His goal was to prove himself right and Mayor of San Juan wrong — when he went around those tables for each person he called on to praise him was just like the day he did the same thing with his cabinet members! Not to mention at the end he thanked each person by name except the Mayor!

      He is the one who pushed politics into the argument – not her – and where did it come from? I would bet it came from his secret buddy Bannon – made up some crap that the Democrats had gotten to her or some other total nonsense! She never put the blame on trump and she never said anything other than help is needed, more help is needed. And that fool still does not understand what she was trying to tell him! He’s a blockhead with no concept of the real world. We all saw the proof in the reports and film provided by reporters. He went to the city with the concrete homes so it would not look as bad as San Juan and all the others. Typical Trump Lie.

      He also has a really bad attitude towards women in power because he is a weak threatened ignorant phony jerk. And that stuff I saw him say about how many dead people and compared all this to Katrina was INSANE. A completely despicable disgraceful pathetic excuse for a man. His phony walk around shaking hands, having picture made with people, smiling, saying “have a good time” to them, omg, I was horrified, again! He did the same thing in Houston! Helping to load supplies in vehicles – so stupid he was handing stuff to them thru the driver’s window and not the bed of the pickup truck. Photo opp more important to him than anything real. It’s all an act to him.

      He is going to be the ruination of America if he is not removed from the White House!

  3. Because the article and comments took Trump to task for making a complete buffoon out of himself, again, I went to youtube, and watched two of the videos of Trump and the gathering, where he made his controversial comments. I certainly did not see the usual over-the-top Trump. His “how many dead” question and unfunny joke about throwing the budget a little out of balance were not the gaffes the usual media are making them out to be, in my opinion.

    What did irk me, is the whole set up of a Public Relations event, where naturally he will elicit “thanks” from most of the victims. What could they say, surrounded by cameras, and the workers who they know have been putting forth relief efforts. Very contrived and political.

    • Murphy says:

      I saw it live. It can’t be more or less than what is recorded for youtube, right? Wrong, it’s a video and it can be cut as desired. Perhaps this is exactly how seemingly normal people buy into his “act” – he’s just not as far nuts as you have seen him, so this is probably just being exaggerated by the media? And we already know he is really not very adapt at these kind of things so maybe he could have done it better but still, today was just not as bad as you’ve seen him, right?

      Don’t be fooled. He knows exactly what he is doing – that’s about the only thing this cretin does well. He knows how to work it – that’s how he got in the White House. Whatever scenes you saw and doubt will most likely be easily seen on CNN or MSNBC. Watch for them. You can probably find them at their websites.

  4. Jud Ruhl says:

    I would be and was a little offended by him tossing paper towel rolls around to various people. A little demeaning.

  5. lots of luck says:

    trump says o-well to bond holders–holy S^&%&^.
    says to bad for wall street–hahaha. wall street will not suffer. But one things for sure is they sold all those Shi&*^&* bonds with great yields. i don’t think–0.00 is a good yield but hay–maybe wall street can sell negative yield bonds–it this environment. wall street will bundel/financial engineer a great ETF that the bots/quants can sell, backed by other bonds that will never be payed back–it could not get funnier if it wasn’t soo soo sad for america.
    i have BUCK says wall street is short Puerto Rico bonds–ring any bells? anyone?
    currently short german/american bonds.
    when market forces take over (Fed losing control) there will be a wrecking.
    good luck all.

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