Trump Appears To Call San Juan Mayor A ‘Politically Motivated Ingrate’

There’s a lot going on in the world on Sunday including violent clashes in Spain where the Spanish National Police are apparently now arresting members of the Catalan police force and where people are being shot with rubber bullets, but you can bet when Donald Trump rolled out of bed and put on his rusty Brillo pad wig this morning, he had only two things on his mind: lazy Puerto Ricans and the NFL.

Coming off an egregious Saturday Twitter rant that saw the President tweet about Puerto Rico some 18 times including a couple on instant classics that found the commander in chief accusing San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of demonstrating “poor” leadership before suggesting that Puerto Rico “wants everything done for them,” you knew he’d be back at it on Sunday and sure enough:


The “politically motivated ingrates” bit is apparently another jab at Carmen Yulín Cruz who, you’re reminded, Trump accused on Saturday of being involved in a conspiracy against him orchestrated by Democrats.

Meanwhile, it’s pretty clear that the Mayor herself doesn’t know what to think of this:

During his hours-long Saturday tirade, Trump also “went there” by repeatedly suggesting that what America is seeing on television is not in fact real. That is a classic authoritarian maneuver although as usual, it’s not clear whether in employing it, Trump was attempting to be a dictator or whether he himself actually believes the coverage is fake.

I know this isn’t a popular point of view among some of the most ardent Trump critics out there, but I still maintain it is entirely possible that Trump isn’t fully aware of the extent to which he is using the authoritarian playbook (and that’s not a defense of Trump – rather, it’s just an acknowledgement of the fact that this person is definitely stupid enough to be completely oblivious to his own authoritarian leanings).

Trump continued this morning with this:


Of course no one is trying to criticize any “amazing work” that’s getting done. In fact, it’s the opposite. To the extent there is “amazing work” being done, everyone would like to see a lot more of it.

But you know, “politically motived ingrates” and all…

Stay tuned because remember, there are a lot of NFL games today.



2 thoughts on “Trump Appears To Call San Juan Mayor A ‘Politically Motivated Ingrate’

  1. Yep, deflect then lie, then blame someone else because you are so fu^king lazy that you don’t either want or know the facts. The story is still the same, people these guys are dangerous beyond all of this deflection, from our climate, to our people, to our taxes, this is a travesty. The republican party is evil incarnate because they essentially have embraced this crap.

    Their cards are completely on the table again as they push us further into the poor house with this horsesh*t trickle down tax theft, as they fill the EPA with climate deniers, as they say nothing as Puerto Rico dies.

    Republicans are stealing what is left of the middle class and putting it right into the billionaire swamp. There seems to be a malaise around the country right now, well folks republicans included, you are being fleeced, so wake-up and push back or you will have Nothing left. The billionaire swamp is alive and flourishing and the “alligator in chief” is just waiting for all of us to get into the water.

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