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Trump Blasts Puerto Rico: They ‘Want Everything Done For Them’, San Juan Mayor Is Conspiring With Democrats

"Such poor leadership. They want everything done for them"...

"Such poor leadership. They want everything done for them"...
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4 comments on “Trump Blasts Puerto Rico: They ‘Want Everything Done For Them’, San Juan Mayor Is Conspiring With Democrats

  1. Murphy says:

    I am waiting for the backlash from GOP’s and Congress! They must get off their dead asses and do something about this raving lunatic! They are so wrapped up in that disgraceful healthcare crap and now they want to shove the insulting tax plan down our throats and tell us that it is good for us!

    I’ll tell you what is good for us – as in U.S. – drag that lying scheming sociopath out of our White House! You will never convince me that even his “base” and fellow Republicans think he is “doing a fine job”, as he likes to say! It is a travesty this man was permitted to even run for election much less be acclaimed the winner!

    Please go back now and read comments at Heisenberg’s article “Krugman: Trump’s Narcissism Is Turning ‘Deadly’ ” and catch up on trump’s connection to Puerto Rico and the golf course 30 miles from San Juan. That will tell you why I am even more outraged today!


  2. Curt A Tyner says:

    PR disaster is right. Are you fu*king kidding me !!!! This piece of sh*t is now and maybe always has been killing people, yep, Trump might as well as walked right up to someone(s) in San Juan and shot them in front of the world camera’s.

    The soul of Amerika is gone and all those religious nuts looking for “the rapture” just might have their evil to set that in motion. This ass is a narcissist and the dead keep piling up, not even a “I am sorry” and will make sure as American citizens that you matter. Yea, right, this is racial, it is wrong and it is not going to stop until this piece of sh*t is gone from the White House. Fu*k all of this republican cover for “Mein Fuhrer”, do your jobs, impeach this piece of offal now.

  3. Guy Guyguy says:

    The “mayor” is a highly skilled propagandist throwing bombs like “genocide” clearly spitting on the 2,500 U.S. military stationed there in the U.S. Coast Guard, Puerto Rico National Guard, the Puerto Rico Air National Guard and the U.S. Army’s small Ft. Buchanan (supporting local veterans and reserve units). Apparently their existence and heroic efforts are invisible to CNN.

    • just because you put “mayor” in scare quotes doesn’t mean she’s not the Mayor. It’s kind of like if I hate my mailbox, and I write about it and say “my ‘mailbox’ is plotting against me”, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still my mailbox.

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