Krugman: Trump’s Narcissism Is Turning ‘Deadly’

Krugman: Trump’s Narcissism Is Turning ‘Deadly’

By way of introduction, here's a quick recap of the Quinnipiac poll that Krugman references in the Op-Ed you'll read below: President Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” American voters say 56 — 42 percent, and voters disapprove 57 — 36 percent of the job he is doing as president, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. There are deep party, gender and racial divisions on whether President Trump is fit to serve, the independent Quinnipiac Univers
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6 thoughts on “Krugman: Trump’s Narcissism Is Turning ‘Deadly’

  1. If he had a hotel / golf resort down in P.R. The relief effort would be swift, and quite frankly, very, very fabulous. The greatest relief effort the world has ever seen.

    1. Hello! I have some info for you about a golf course and trump and Puerto Rico. There is a rumor he did “own” a golf resort there and filed bankruptcy when he ran for president. Well, he didn’t really own one – he managed it. And in keeping with his narcissistic attitudes, his contract to manage required the name be changed to Trump’s name and therefore it was.

      What used to be Coco Beach Golf & Country Club that opened in 2004, only 30 miles from San Juan. The future president’s company licensed the Trump name to the owners and took on a share of the resort’s day-to-day management in exchange for a fee. It is an involved story, what his involvement was and was not, financial aid from the Puerto Rico government and the loss of millions, and I will provide the link to snopes for this story.

      He wiggled thru the mess pretty much undamaged and no loss to trump — the last paragraph from snopes: “Trump did not set Coco Beach Golf and Country Club on course for ruin, but he wasn’t able to save it from that fate. His role in the bankruptcy of the company, which ended up costing Puerto Rican taxpayers $32.6 million, was significant but limited. That $32.6 million loss constituted 0.03 percent of the territory’s total $123 billion debt, which prompted the Puerto Rican government to file for bankruptcy relief in May 2017.”

      Yeah, it is a very interesting event in the life and times of Trump International!

      1. Nice find, Murphy. Interesting news about the Bankruptor in Chief. It’s only natural that such an self-centered, self-deceptive personality would find its way into politics.

      2. There is MORE TO THIS STORY! First, published Oct 2016; he was already into the campaign at this time. A little too early in the campaign for people to pay attention or really care much, since there was no way in hell this jackass would ever win the election!

        Then, only a few days ago, from RawStory, details of his involvement disclosed: “By the time the resort filed for bankruptcy in 2015, it had done so under it’s original name. At the time, Eric Trump claimed his family’s business had “zero financial investment in this course” and merely lent it their name and managed their golf course, but the report stated he “filed a bankruptcy claim for about $927,000 for unpaid fees on behalf of Trump Golf Coco Beach LLC.”

        This man is truly the Scum floating on top of the WhiteHouse Swamp.

  2. I think this is ironic. But rather than talking about the ravages of cancer, it makes more sense to talk about a cure. And the real malady is that we have a society that proved capable of electing him. Maybe Hillary was the wrong antibiotic? If you observe the current anti-Trump, the mayor of San Juan, would kick his ass in any election, from dog catcher to President.

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