A Furious Jeff Gundlach Asks: Is Jim Cramer A Spreader Of “Fake News” Or Just An Idiot?

Early last month, in a truly dramatic and exceptionally brave move, Jeff Gundlach joined Twitter.

According to the “Bond King,” his hand was forced by a campaign of “fake news” designed specifically to undermine his legitimacy.

Unable to sit idly by, Gundlach decided the financial world needed some brutal “truth-ing“. That’s why he made his Twitter handle @TruthGundlach.

As regular readers are aware, Gundlach’s bellyflop into the Twitterverse got off to a rocky start.

Following an exasperated rant complete with all manner of superfluous punctuation, vitriolic rhetoric, and angry accusations, Jeff made the mistake of trying to upload a profile pic.

Simply put: he didn’t know how to do it.

So he ended up tweeting this to his thousands of new followers:


That epic fail was mercilessly trolled and after that, Jeff calmed down…

…for about five days.

His return to Twitter was marked by an absurd tirade that found the DoubleLine boss accusing rival bond fund managers of setting up fake Gundlach accounts in what he imagined was a vast conspiracy.

It only got worse from there.

A little over a week later, Gundlach tweeted what I’m sure he thought was a completely innocent shout-out to the city of Buffalo.

Shortly thereafter, one follower accused Gundlach of spreading “fake” Buffalo news. To wit:


Gundlach was distraught.

Fast forward another week or so and Gundlach was back at it, hilariously accusing Bloomberg of creating clickbait by “jamming” his name into stories that don’t have anything to do with him.

That brings us to Wednesday and Jeff is fucking furious. 

This time at none other than Jim Cramer who apparently made the mistake of suggesting that Gundlach has been wrong about stocks.

Worse, Cramer has apparently said that not once, “but twice even!” over the last 7 months (Jeff has been counting):


So there you have it, folks. More brutal “truths” from Jeff Gundlach’s Twitter feed.

Now it’s up to you to decide: is Cramer “a fool” or is this just “fake news”?

All we can know for sure is that if Jim keeps this up, Jeff might be forced to send his hologram self to Mad Money to straighten this shit out once and for all…



If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ll appreciate why this is particularly apt…

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4 thoughts on “A Furious Jeff Gundlach Asks: Is Jim Cramer A Spreader Of “Fake News” Or Just An Idiot?

  1. You have a guy in Gundlach who made a bad call in saying to favor EM equities over US earlier this year. Straight and simple. However, due to a superiority complex from running a average to above-average bond fund (pre-fee), he attacks out at anyone who dares question his omnipotence. The more and more he tweets, the more he reminds me of a financial Donald Trump with competence.

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