Angry Gundlach Accuses Bloomberg Of Creating Fake Gundlach News

A "weak" Bloomberg is "jamming" Gundlach's name into stories that he's "got nothing to do with" while completely ignoring the always exciting world of variable annuities.

We’ve been patiently waiting for “The Truth” to tweet something new and moments ago, it happened.

If you haven’t followed “Bond King” Jeff Gundlach’s foray into the Twitterverse, you’re encouraged to get yourself up to speed with the following posts that, quite frankly, are fall-in-the-floor funny:

See Jeff didn’t know a whole lot about Twitter when he decided to join last month in what he claimed was an effort to combat “fake news” (his handle is “@TruthGundlach”).

The fact that he had no previous experience with the platform was readily apparent from the word “go.” Just a handful of tweets in, he tried to upload a profile picture but instead ended up tweeting this:


Needless to say, that was mercilessly lampooned (you can find some of the better responses in the first post linked above).

So far, he’s had at least two notable meltdowns and in the process, he’s racked up an impressive tally of Trump-ish-ness that includes the following:

Rant 1

  • 2 “fake news”s;
  • 2 all-caps “FALSE”s;
  • 1 all-caps “WRONG”;
  • 9 exclamation points;
  • 1 direct personal insult (Crise);
  • 1 “incompetent” and;
  • 1 derogatory “people”

Rant 2

  • 1 “haters”
  • 1 “fakers”
  • 1 plain old “fake”
  • 1 “sad”
  • 2 “winners”
  • 1 “losers”
  • 1 “real deal”
  • and 1 reference to himself as “the one, the only”

Then, a couple of Tuesdays ago, he tried to give an innocent shout out to the city of Buffalo (and to the Bills) and was incredulous when one @Jimmyjude13 trolled him with this:


Gundlach wasn’t happy (you can read the full story on that in the third linked post above).

The @Jimmyjude13 Buffalo fiasco underscores the notion that Jeff doesn’t really understand how Twitter works. You’re going to get trolled and if you’re famous and you make the mistake of responding to the trolling, you’re going to get trolled even harder.

Gundlach’s status as a Twitter neophyte has also led him to misinterpret certain things that most of us know are commonplace.

For instance, Jeff was absolutely appalled to see fake Gundlach accounts popping up after he made his debut on the platform. Given his lack of Twitter experience, he didn’t realize that fake celebrity accounts are not only par for the proverbial course, but are in fact part of being a celebrity on Twitter.

Because he didn’t understand that, Jeff drew the hilarious conclusion that rival bond fund managers were conspiring against him by colluding to undermine his reputation with fake accounts. He really said that. Seriously. Look:


As we wrote at the time, “actually it would be surprising. In fact, it would be shocking. Can you imagine a room full of bond fund managers all sitting around creating fake Gundlach handles together?”

Well on Wednesday night, Gundlach is back and now he thinks Bloomberg is conspiring to inflate their pageviews by randomly inserting his name into articles that have nothing to do with him.

Here’s some brutal “truth“ing:


That’s right. A “weak” Bloomberg is “jamming” Gundlach’s name into stories that he’s “got nothing to do with” while completely ignoring the always exciting world of variable annuities.

Are you listening Bloomberg?! Because you just got served a pipin’ hot plate of “truth.”



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