Jeff Gundlach Joined Twitter. And Then It All Went Horribly Wrong.

Yeah, so here’s the thing about Donald Trump’s tweets: you shouldn’t have Twitter freakouts when you’re the President of the United States.

That said, we can all sympathize with Trump just a little bit. Because you know, who hasn’t had a Twitter freakout, right? Twitter freakouts are the new drunk texting.

Indeed, the ability to reach millions of people simultaneously in a completely unfiltered forum is impossible to resist when our fragile egos get bruised. That’s why Twitter is so dangerous and why more than a few public figures have, over the years, gone on self-imposed Twitter “timeouts.”

But if you’re new to Twitter, you probably don’t understand just how quickly you’ll find yourself “going over to the dark side,” where the “dark side” is an angry tweetstorm.

One Twitter user tried to warn Jeff Gundlach about this when the “bond king” joined up on Monday…

To be sure, Gundlach joined Twitter with the express purpose of countering “fake news.”

“I’ve had five consecutive news reports that are completely fallacious,” Gundlach said Monday at the Sohn Conference.

So I guess we should go ahead and assume that an outsized percentage of Gundlach’s tweets will be angry by default, but that doesn’t make it any less amusing that he didn’t even manage to get two tweets in before doing exactly what the above-cited “Das Krümel‏” predicted he would do: dive straight down the Twitter rant rabbit hole…

So there you go. That’s:

  • 2 “fake news”s;
  • 2 all-caps “FALSE”s;
  • 1 all-caps “WRONG”;
  • 9 exclamation points;
  • 1 direct personal insult (Crise);
  • 1 “incompetent” and;
  • 1 derogatory “people”

All of that crammed into just 4 tweets. Trump would be proud.

Then, to top it off, the fifth tweet was what certainly looked like a bungled attempt to upload a profile picture…


… which was of course promptly lampooned by legions of Twitter veterans…

Welcome to Twitter motherfucker.





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