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Trump Blames Shiite Iran For Sunni Terror Attacks, Says They Got What They Deserved

"Blame the victim."

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse…

One day after accidentally Twitter-snitching on himself for conspiring against Qatar (endangering America’s largest Mideast military base in the process), and two days after calling the Mayor of London “pathetic” as the city was trying to recover from a terror incident, Trump has released a statement on the attacks in Iran that killed 12 and wounded dozens on Wednesday.

Here’s that statement:


That’s right folks, Donald Trump just:

  1. blamed the victim
  2. accused Shiite Iran of promoting Sunni extremism

This just two weeks (give or take) after agreeing to sell $100 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia, the world’s foremost sponsor and exporter of the same kind of Sunni extremism espoused by the attackers in Iran.

That would be the same Saudi Arabia that, with Trump’s blessing and support, just opened the oxymoronic “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh.” Put differently, last month Trump and Saudi Arabia opened a global center for combating extremist ideology in… wait for it… the global center for promoting extremist ideology.

And now Trump is going to preach to Iran about “sponsoring terrorism” hours after an attack claimed by terrorists who are inspired by the same ideology that’s institutionalized in the Saudi monarchy.



2 comments on “Trump Blames Shiite Iran For Sunni Terror Attacks, Says They Got What They Deserved

  1. Dan Gabella

    Have to run. Feeling sick to my stomach.

  2. Curt A Tyner

    In the famous words from Keith Olbermann, “that man is an idiot”. This is going to take years and years of intense diplomacy with the rest of the world to get the stink of probably only a few months of this moron and his brood on our country. This is embarrassing on so many levels, even Bush II a decent human being, could be counted on to put country over politics at times. Not this fool. Hang in there America we may be moving toward the end of the Trump Crime Family.

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